An old axiom identifies three fundamental key points for the success of a commercial activity: Visibility, Accessibility and Parking. A LED sign opportunely installed become a critical component of the visibility of a shop or a any other activity. In the next few lines will be provided further information about:  Understanding the intrinsic value of a variable message sign with LED technology  Determining what a well positioned sign can represent for the success of a business  Using a luminous board to modify behaviors and habits of customers Which functions cover a LED bright panel A variable message sign is a critical component of the visibility of a business as:  Develops in the potential customers indelible memory of the location and product/services available.  Reinforces the recall to other forms of advertising  Attracts new customers and it urges unplanned visits and purchases  Modifies customers' purchase habits. Variable messages are particularly effective in encouraging modifications of standardized behaviors. How to make a business recognizable An indicator of how a bright board can be effective is the measure in which the display helps to make a business recognizable among the others. A LED display brand the shop exactly as a label brand a product. If the sign is not visible and attractive, unlikely the business will transmit its message and reach its customers. Each activity and each commercial strategy will benefit of the presence of a bright sign in the focal point of the building. An LED panel that catches the attention and lead customers to the shop, produces a positive impact on revenues that can be perceived immediately. How to acquire new customers In 1995 the International Sign Association (ISA) asked the University of San Diego to conduct a research on variable messages bright signs. The study consisted in the analysis of several variables, as number of present signs, location, opening hours of a well-known fast-food chain The results of the study showed that the number of LED displays in a commercial exercise had a significant positive impact both on the annual turnover and the number of transactions carried out. For example, one more bright sign produced an increase of 4,75% in the annual revenues while the number of transactions grew of 3,93%. The results of the study demonstrated that "LED bright signs have a statistically significant impact on the financial result of a commercial exercise (and)?represent a critical factor for its success." How to change the habits of the customer base One of advertising's first objectives is change the purchase habits. A well aimed promotion can produce a sensitive increase of the purchases. Usually a commercial activity covers its fixed and variable cost thanks to a group of usual customers, while gains its profits from chance customers. Variable message signs are specially suitable to encourage changes in the behaviors of the customer base, encouraging unplanned stops and purchases. It is calculated that 35-50% of the population make purchases outside its own residence's area. It means that a good part of these potential customers could be attracted by a well positioned LED display. Besides a bright notice board visualizes its message 24 hours a day to huge potential customer base and it does it at a price ten times inferior if compared with traditional advertising techniques (considering that a LED display last different years). Minor is the cost of visibility, greater is the return on the money spent.