Traffic Signal

LED application

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Traffic signal applications
Tower Lights
Runway Lights
Emergency/Police Vehicle Lighting

Many governments have carried out various schemes to foster the adoption of LED in traffic applications. For instance, the State of California, US have launched a $24 million subsidy program for LED traffic signals. And, nearly 50% of all U.S. LED traffic signal installations supported by electric utility subsidy programs. LED can bring enormous benefits:

- Saving energy: Cost reduction comes from the low levels of energy the LED lamps need to operate. The LED lamps use less energy up to 85% than conventional incandescent light bulbs.

- Reducing maintenance costs: The reliability of LED will also reduce the inconvenience of changing the bulbs frequently, thus reducing maintenance costs.

- The brightness of the LED lamps within the signal will help to improve safety due to the higher visibility.

Apart from the above feature, BETLUX's LED has multi-faceted advantages:

- Reliability engineered to stand outdoor environmental changes
- Excellent visibility in daytime and adverse weather conditions
- High luminous intensity but low power consumption

Related Part Numbers:

  • BL-L513UEC-TL
  • BL-L513UYC-TL
  • BL-L513BGC-TL
  • BL-L513PGC-TL