Consumer Electronics Application

LED application

Consumer electronics
Household appliances
VCR/ DVD/ Stereo/Audio/Video devices
Security Equipment

Business machines
Point of sale bar code scanner
Fax machines
Electronic scales
Postal meters

Process control systems
Medical equipment
Meters and status indicators

LED is one of the most widely used lighting source in Consumer Electronics from the backlight of cellular phones to the numeric displays on microwave ovens, Cotco can offer an array of products from standard items to custom design displays.

thru-hole LED lamps are available in T1 (5MM), T1 3/4 (3MM), rectangular and special packages spanning the whole visible spectrum range from Red to Yellow-Green. The standard products offer low power consumption, high efficiency, and solid state reliability. These lamps are widely used in home appliances and telecommunication equipment serving mainly as status indicators.

Seven segment displays are designed for numeric indication on instruments, meters, home appliances, communications and computing equipment, and display panels. Single, dual, triple and quad digit displays are available with character heights ranging from 0.28 inch to 5 inches. Products with readability at drive current as low as 1 mA per segment are also available.

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