3d led

3D LED CUBE [ Display effects ] Click To Enter > > > Seekway 3D LED Cube Products 1. Display real-time 3-D animated images controlled by computer or by SD Card controller. 2. Display more than 30 kinds of 3-D animated pattern. 3. Display the letter with 3-D effect of revolving and any direction movement (fr ont and back, left and right, up and down), so you can display your company name or any advertisement you ne ed. 4. Generate 3-D animated effects according to real-time audio signals. This can be used in the stage, concert and Club. (Optional function) 5. Design the logo, text and pattern according to the requirement of the Customer. 640*480 video > Download 3D LED Cube for Bar 3D LED Cube for Shop 3D LED Cube for Exhibition [ Technical Specification ] 1. The maximum control point: more than 100,000 points, such as the 3-D lattice 48*48*48. 2. Gray-level: up to R / G / B level 256 respectively, option of 8/16/32/64 level. 3. 3-D image change speed: up to 15-30 frames per second. 4. Support R / G / B independent GAMMA adjustment and brightness adjustment. [ Controlling methods ] 1. Computer real-time control. 2. SD card controller without computer. [ Display Unit ] 1. Specialized use as the matching lamps of 3-D full-color control system. 2. Easy to produce and flexible to combine. A basic display units consisting of strip light sources or point light sources. A flat panel display unit consisting of multi basic display units. A solid diamond consists of multi flat panel display units. 3. Easy to install. Laying or hanging installation are available. [ Application ] 1. Applicable in the hotel lobbies, bars, night show, entertainment or stage, creating a shock and novelty 3D lighting atmosphere. 2. You can use it in exhibition, new product release conference, shop window to attract the attentions of the customers. 3. Used for advertising signs, street lighting, interior decoration, corridors aisle, etc.