8x8 dot matrix LED 5mm for signage

2.0 inch height 8x8 LED dot matrix


8x8 dot matrix LED 5mm8x8 dot matrix LED 5mm for signage
Part NO BL-M20A881,BL-M20B881
Dimension 50.70*50.70*9.30 mm
Weight 27.6000g
Package 18pcs/bag
Datasheet pdf
Feature: Description

2.0 inch height 8x8 LED dot matrix
2.0 inch Matrix Height(49.45mm)
Dot size 5.00mm, circle dot
Column: 8 Row: 8
Widthxheight: 50.70x50.70mm
Bi-color selected
Low current operation
High contrast and light output
Compatible with ASCII and EBCDIC code
Stackable horizontally
Column cathode and column anode available
Easy mounting on P.C.Boards or Sockets
Categorized for luminous intensity
Technically rugged
Standard: Gary surface and White dot
RoHs Compliance

RoHs Compliance, Pb-free Anti-Static Attention

Electrical-optical characteristics:

Row CathodePart No (row anode, column cathode)colorwavelengthV typical(V)V max(V)Brightness(mcd)
BL-M20A881DBL-M20B881DSuper Bright Red6601.852.2310
BL-M20A881SBL-M20B881SHigh Bright Red6601.852.2270
BL-M20A881URBL-M20B881URUltra Bright Red6601.852.2450
BL-M20A881SBL-M20B881SHigh Bright Red6601.852.2270
BL-M20A881DBL-M20B881DSuper Bright Red6601.852.2310
BL-M20A881URBL-M20B881URUltra Bright Red6601.852.2450
BL-M20A881UHRBL-M20B881UHRUltra Breight Red6452.12.5450
BL-M20A881UEBL-M20B881UEHigh Bright Orange6302.12.5255
BL-M20A881UEBL-M20B881UEHigh Bright Orange6302.12.5255
BL-M20A881YOBL-M20B881YOUltra Amber6192.12.5255
BL-M20A881UYBL-M20B881UYHigh Bright Yellow5902.12.5255
BL-M20A881UYBL-M20B881UYHigh Bright Yellow5902.12.5255
BL-M20A881UGBL-M20B881UGHigh Bright Green5742.22.5380
BL-M20A881UGBL-M20B881UGHigh Bright Green5742.22.5380
BL-M20A881PGBL-M20B881PGSuper Pure Green5253.04.2400
BL-M20A881PGBL-M20B881PGSuper Pure Green5253.04.2400
BL-M20A881BBL-M20B881BSuper Bright Blue4703.04.2150
BL-M20A881UBBL-M20B881UBSuper Bright Blue4703.04.2270
BL-M20A881BBL-M20B881BSuper Bright Blue4702.74.2270

Package configuration & Internal circuit diagram
8x8 dot matrix LED 5mm dimensional drawing

All dimensions are in millimeters(inches)
Tolerance is +-0.25(0.01") unless otherwise note
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Absolute maximum ratings (Ta= 25?C)

Reflector Surface color (1st number)/ dot Lens color (2nd number):

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5
Ref Surface Color White Black Gray Red Green  
Dot Epoxy Color Water clear White diffused Red Diffused Green Diffused Yellow Diffused  

Absolute maximum ratings (Ta= 25°C)

Parameter   S D UR E Y G Unit
Forward Current IF   25 25 25 25 25 30 mA
Power Dissipation Pd   60 60 60 60 60 65 mW
Reverse Voltage VR   5 5 5 5 5 5 V
Peak Forward Current IPF (Duty 1/10 @1KHZ)   150 150 150 150 150 150 mA
Operation Temperature TOPR -40 to +80 °C
Storage Temperature TSTG -40 to +85 °C
Lead Soldering Temperature TSOL   Max.260+ 5°C for 3 sec Max. ( 1.6mm from the base of the epoxy bulb) °C

Absolute maximum ratings (Ta= 25°C)

Parameter UHR UE YO UY UG PG UB UW Unit
Forward Current IF 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 mA
Power Dissipation Pd 75 65 65 65 75 110 120 120 mW
Reverse Voltage VR 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 V
Peak Forward Current IPF (Duty 1/10 @1KHZ) 150 150 150 150 150 150 100 100 mA
Operation Temperature TOPR -40 to +80 °C
Storage Temperature TSTG -40 to +85 °C
Lead Soldering Temperature TSOL Max.260+ 5°C for 3 sec Max. ( 1.6mm from the base of the epoxy bulb) °C

Partno description:

LED dot matrix is widely used in LED information board indoor and semi-outdoor

Part No of LED dot matrix

Related Information

Applied for:
trainbus information boardLED screnmessage boardindustry instrument

1. Application
The Dot Matrix display is widely applied for ordinary electronic equipment (such as office equipment,
communication equipment and household applications). Checking with BETLUX's Sales in
advance for information on applications in which exceptional reliability is required, particularly
when the failure or malfunction of the dot matrix LEDs may directly jeopardize life or health (such as in
aviation, transportation, traffic control equipment, medical and life support systems and safety

2. Storage
The storage ambient for the Seven Segment LED should not exceed 30℃ temperature or 70% relative humidity.
For extended storage out of their original packaging, it is recommended that the Seven Segment LEDs be stored
in a sealed container with appropriate desiccant, or in a desiccator with nitrogen ambient.

3. Cleaning
Avoid using any unspecified chemical solvent to clean LED . For example, Trichloroethylene, Chlorosen, Acetone, and Diflon S3MC.
Any cleaning method can only be taken under normal temperature in one minute or less if it is required.
Use water to clean the Dot MatrixLED if necessary under room temperature
dry it immediately after that.

Any unsuitable stress applied to the epoxy may break bonding wires in Dot matrix LED
Any forming on lead pin must be done before soldering, not during or after soldering.
Avoid applying any stress to resin in order to prevent the epoxy fracture and break on bonding wire.
While forming, please use a tie bar cut or equivalent to hold or bend the pin.
2mm from the base of resin is the minimum distance for the place bending the lead pin.
Avoid bending the lead pin at the same point twice or more.

seven segment display forming caution


When soldering, leave a minimum of 2mm clearance from the base of the base of the lens to the soldering point. Dipping the lens into the solder must be avoided.

Do not apply any external stress to the lead frame during soldering while the LED is at high temperature.

Recommended soldering conditions:

Wave Soldering Soldering Iron
Pre-Heat 100°C Max. Temperature 300°C Max.
Pre-Heat Time 60sec Max.
SolderWave 260°C Max. Soldering Time 3sec Max.(one time only)
Soldering Time 5sec Max.

Note: Excessive soldering temperature and/or time might result in deformation of the LED lens or failure of the LED

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

Static Electricity or power surge will damage the LED.

Suggestions to prevent ESD damage:

n Use a conductive wrist band or anti-electrostatic glove when handling these LEDs

n All devices, equipment, and machinery must be properly grounded

n Work tables, storage racks, etc. should be properly grounded

n Use ion blower to neutralize the static charge which might have built up on surface of the LED's

 plastic lens as a result of friction between LEDs during storage and handling

ESD-damaged LEDs will exhibit abnormal characteristics such as high reverse leakage current, 

low forward voltage, or “no light on” at low currents. To verify for ESD damage, check for “light on” 

and Vf of the suspect LEDs at low currents.

The Vf of “good” LEDs should be>2.0V@0.1mA for InGaN product and >1.4V@0.1mA for AlInGaP


antistatic notice-smd led

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