To communicate in a busy and chaotic society... 1. The today's society is very chaotic, customer oriented and communication driven. In this environment, a bright sign is an excellent advertising and marketing tool, available at a reasonable price and with an excellent return on the investments rate. 2. Because of the great mobility of our society, urban streets represent a huge possibility of promotional communication. When a potential customer pass by, the right bright sign will catch his attention, bringing him into the shop. To influence the purchase... 3. The luminous sign is the only indicator that the business is located exactly in that place. 4. Without a proper sign, potential customers will not notice the business. Clients lost in such an easy way might represent the percentage on revenues needed to earn money. 5. Purchase habits can be influenced and changed with the use or an effective sign. Information on products and prices can persuade a customer and provoke an unplanned purchase. Variable message bright signs are the ideal choice to provide information on site. 6. Most of the commercial businesses earn money on the unplanned purchases. With a luminous panel distribution chains and franchising can recall other types of advertising and maximize the promotional effectiveness at low costs. To make a business distinctive and to boost the advertising... 7. There is no need to be part of a multinational chain (that uses mass-advertising to recall and make recognizable its logo) to make a business distinctive in the city panorama. The right sign in the right position will develop awareness of the business in all those that transit in the area. 8. The right luminous board can transform an anonymous place in a absolutely distinctive one. Sometimes the sign is the only indication that a business is located in that particular place. In these cases the sign should become the focal point of the building's facade. The conscious use of a variable message board allows to capture customers' attention and to conduct them directly from the street to the business' entrance. 9. Variable message electronic panels high technology allows to adapt them to every situation. More and more often the use of dynamic full-color displays is replacing traditional advertising forms like newspaper and static billboards. 10. The use of a variable message bright panel make possible to communicate to and inform customers and the whole citizenship, therefore providing an important service of public interest.